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NameCPU ModelCPU CoresCPU FrequencyMemoryStorageNetworkLocationPriceBuyhf:att:pa_cpu-corehf:att:pa_ramhf:att:pa_diskhf:att:pa_networkhf:att:pa_locatie
SVD1Intel Xeon L56304core/8HT2.13 GHz / Turbo: 2.40 GHz8 GB120GB SSD1GbpsRomania45.00 4core-8ht8-gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania
SVD102x Intel Xeon E5-2450L16core/32HT1.8 GHz / Turbo: 2.3 GHz48 GB500GB SSD1GbpsRomania110.00 16core-32ht48-gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania
SVD11AMD Ryzen 5 36006core/12HT3.6 GHz / Turbo 4.2 GHz32 GB2x 240GB SSD1GbpsGermany, Romania95.00 6core-12ht32-gbsata-ssd1gbpsgermany romania
SVD12Intel i7-9700k8core/8HT3.6 GHz / Turbo 4.9 GHz64 GB2 x 480GB NVMe1GbpsGermany, Romania130.00 8core-8ht64-gbnvm1gbpsgermany romania
SVD13Intel Xeon E-21366core/12HT3.30 GHz / Turbo 4.50 GHz32 GB2x 240GB SSD1GbpsGermany, Romania95.00 6core-12ht32-gbsata-ssd1gbpsgermany romania
SVD14Intel Xeon E-2186G6core/12HT3.80 GHz / Turbo 4.70 GHz32 GB2x 240GB SSD1GbpsGermany, Romania120.00 6core-12ht32-gbsata-ssd1gbpsgermany romania
SVD15AMD EPYC 7302P16core/32HT3.00 GHz / Turbo 3.30 GHz64 GB2 x 480GB SSD1GbpsGermany, Romania180.00 16core-32ht64-gbsata-ssd1gbpsgermany romania
SVD16AMD EPYC 7302P16core/32HT3.00 GHz / Turbo 3.30 GHz64 GB2 x 480GB SSD1GbpsGermany, Romania260.00 16core-32ht64-gbsata-ssd1gbpsgermany romania
SVD22x Intel Xeon L56308core/16HT2.13 GHz / Turbo: 2.40 GHz16 GB240GB SSD1GbpsRomania70.00 8core-16ht16gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania
SVD3Intel Xeon X56506core/12HT2.66 GHz / Turbo: 3.06 GHz16 GB480GB SSD1GbpsRomania75.00 6core-12ht16gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania
SVD42x Intel Xeon X565012core/24HT2.66 GHz / Turbo: 3.06 GHz32 GB480GB SSD1GbpsRomania100.00 12core-24ht32-gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania
SVD5Intel Xeon E56456core/12HT2.40 GHz / Turbo: 2.67 GHz16 GB240GB SSD1GbpsRomania70.00 6core-12ht16gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania
SVD62x Intel Xeon E564512core/24HT2.40 GHz / Turbo: 2.67 GHz32 GB480GB SSD1GbpsRomania95.00 12core-24ht32-gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania
SVD7Intel Xeon L56406core/12HT2.26 GHz / Turbo: 2.80 GHz16 GB146GB SAS1GbpsRomania70.00 60.00 6core-12ht16gbsas1gbpsromania
SVD82x Intel Xeon L564012core/24HT2.26 GHz / Turbo: 2.80 GHz32 GB500GB SAS1GbpsRomania90.00 12core-24ht32-gbsas1gbpsromania
SVD9Intel Xeon E5-2450L8core/16HT1.8 GHz / Turbo: 2.3 GHz32 GB480GB SSD1GbpsRomania90.00 8core-16ht32-gbsata-ssd1gbpsromania

Available Operations for Dedicated Servers

All the awesome things you can do from your control panel or remote IPMI

  • Change your Server Name
  • See components and parts
  • Monitor RAID Array activity
  • Check on server’s temperature
  • Enable/Disable 3rd components
  • Attach SAN/NAS Drives
  • Check Console
  • Configure remotely
  • Start the Server
  • Stop the Server
  • Reboot the Server
  • Reinstall with custom OS

Need A Different Hosting Solution?

If the Dedicated Servers solution isn’t the right one for you and for your business, please feel free to contact our support team.
Based on your hosting needs we can recommend you the appropriate hosting plan.

VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers or Colocation, we will make sure that you have the optimal hosting package for your or your business’ needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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A dedicated server is an application/web hosting environment providing the best level of resource allocation, control, and security.
Dedicated servers are completely separated from each another, so customers benefit from full access to configure the servers however they need without affecting any other customer or being affected by another one.

Wile you can always go for Virtual Servers, a Dedicated Server offers you the possibility to use all hardware resources however you like.
It’s more stable, secure, being only yours and not being shared with anyone is not possible for your service to be affected from another customer hosted on the VPS node with you.
Dedicated Servers can also be virtualized, so you can setup individual environments for your apps requiring different setups.

You can use a Dedicated Servers in so many ways. You can use it for: storing data, website hosting, backups, virtualization, business CRMs, gaming or game hosting… and so on.
For this reason you have a range of configurations to choose from. Just find the one perfect for your needs and go live!

You can access and manage your server via a remote management interface (such as iLO for HP, iDRAC for Dell or IPMI for Supermicro), from where you will be able to control the server as it would be in front of you: see the console screen, use the keyboard and mouse, start, stop, restart, reinstall the server and so on.